Bath and Shower Bar:  Choose from our menu of luxurious bath and shower products.  We'll prepare the relaxing or invigorating bathing experience of your choice, including a refreshing beverage, coordinated scrub or lotion, flowers or toys, and music.  Add an inhouse massage from Two Rabbits before or after your bath ($80 / hour).  

Please order your bath or shower at least 1 hour in advance (8am - 10pm) so we can gather the freshest ingredients.

Energize:  Sunshine                 Relax: Margarita:             Romance: Rose                         Fun: Bubbles                                                                  

  • Energizing Sunshine Scrub $15:  Vibrant colors of sunny flowers enhance the energy of your body while you enjoy a refreshing glass of fresh-squeezed orange or grapefruit juice.  Smooth your skin with our very own sugar-safflower-hazelnut scrub. 
  • Relaxing Margarita Bath $25:  Begin with Bliss Spa's Hot Salt Scrub.  Then let your body float fragrantly amidst slices of limes and marguerite flowers,while you enjoy a refreshing margarita cocktail. 
  • Romantic Rose Bath $50:  Rose petals, soft bubbles, chilled sparkling wine, and fresh berries are the perfect preparation for a romantic dinner.  Pamper your skin with Luxe Mandarin Rose Body Polish.
  • Fun Bubble Bath $15:  Overflowing raspberry bubbles, floating toys, colorful balloons, + a glass of hot or cold chocolate milk with cookies will get you ready for sweet dreams.  Finish with SunRipened Raspberry lotion.


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