Special occasion, favorite hobby, a question mark on your agenda?
Let us know!
We can add flowers, cards, and your choice of welcome treats to any reservation.

As part of our concierge service, we are happy to arrange restaurant reservations
and appointments with local service providers.  For example:
Contact us to arrange your own ideal special events - from our list or your own!

Please notify us of your interests when reserving your room so that we may schedule
any classes, excursions, or other appointments for you before space fills up.
  • Massages, facials, and general pampering at professional day spas

  • Guided walking tours of Brooklyn and beyond

  • Wine / Cocktail tastings and lessons, Pastry / Cooking lessons

  • Trail Rides / Equestrian lessons (English and Western, even jumping!)

  • Yoga / Fitness / Dance lessons

  • Music / Ceramics / Photography lessons
168 Bergen Street, Brooklyn NY 11217
Escape Guesthouse LLC
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