How To Get A Perfect Club Grip For The Putting Stroke 

When you are playing golf, there are some basics that you will need to learn. The club that you choose will go a long way in helping you become a better player. There are players who peg their performance on the kind of club that they are using. Others also peg their play on the nature of the course they are playing on. Those who are more experienced in the game however, will consider their performance based on their own hindrances and abilities.

In as much as your performance when playing golf will at times depend on the nature of things outside your control like the type of course or the prevailing weather conditions, a majority of the results you will get will rely on your own abilities on the course. You have to be able to read the conditions properly and adjust accordingly.

The putting stroke is one of the most important strokes of the game so far. You can gain more yards when playing if you can nail this shot properly. A good grip will also play an important role in your ability to make this stroke a success. The following are some grip pointers that you can consider as you try to make things work:

  • Consider the quality of your club
  • Proper alignment
  • Do not hold the club too tight

Consider the quality of your club

Before we look into the different types of grips that are available, one thing that you have to consider is making sure you know the quality of your club. There are some clubs that are slippery while others have a rather firm handle, so these will also play a role in the grip that you choose to work with.

Proper alignment

The alignment also affects the kind of grip you will take as you are ready to putt. For this shot, always make sure that you have your knuckles and the club aligned accordingly. If you want to know whether you are doing it right, you should monitor your elbows and see if you are bending or not.

Do not hold the club too tight

Try not to hold the club too tight nor too loose. A lot of players hold the club so tight that it becomes impossible for them to flick the wrist and deliver a professional swing to the ball.