Quick Hints On How To Play Golf For Beginners For Free

In many ways, golf is still a rich man’s game. Looking at the green fee rates of golf courses will make you agree with the previous statement. Add to it the equipment, trolley, buggy, attire, and other standard charges; the total cost of playing a round of golf will put the game out of reach of many beginners. Sadly, the sport is such that you need to shell out some amount of cash to play at a decent golf course. Today, we will share with you some hints on how to play golf by spending very little.

  • All the other cost cutting ideas given below are just minor efforts; the best way to reduce your expense is by seeking discount green fees from courses. Most golf courses have special discount rates for beginners. You can utilize the special offer. If not, you can search for discount deals in golf booking websites.

  • If you’re not particular about the courses you play, then instead of choosing expensive golf courses, you can check out places that have cheaper green fee rates. Moreover, beginners can first play on small courses, and then as they improve they can opt for more expensive, popular golf courses.

  • Avoid spending money on something that’s not mandatory in golf. Take, for instance, purchasing golf attire. Although some golf courses are very particular about the attire, most courses follow a simple rule. The only must-follow rule is the use of collared shirt. You don’t have to buy special attire, use any collared shirt in your possession.

  • Do not spend on new golf clubs and other equipment. As a beginner, you might be tempted to buy your first golf club set, but we advise you resist the urge. Instead, rent golf clubs and balls at the pro shop.

  • Depending on the tee time the rates vary. The off-peak hours of the day (i.e.) before nine in the morning and evening twilight session, have lower fees compared to the peak periods.

  • Municipal courses or local public golf courses are a lot cheaper to play. If you’ve never thought about playing on municipal courses, then it’s time to take it seriously. Beginners are certainly going to cut their cost by half by playing at local affordable courses.

  • Buggies, trolley, beverages, food, and other facilities provided at the golf courses can be turned down to save some cash.

  • Begin your golfing journey by playing on par-3 and 9-hole golf courses. These are smaller courses that charge less than full-sized ones.