Organizing A Three-Day Break In Albufeira Without Troubles

A beautiful city gifted with a delightful natural environment, the Albufeira is famous among golf tourists and non-golf tourists alike. Albufeira plays the perfect host for golf tourists all year round. You don’t have to worry about the inclement weather when traveling to Albufeira. This small city offers innumerable tourist attractions and we’re glad to list the things you can do in Albufeira.

Three days aren’t enough to experience all things that Albufeira has to offer, but it’s enough to create unforgettable memories that’ll last a lifetime. The tips given will help create an itinerary that covers all the major attractions in Albufeira.


There are no surprises here; the game of golf is the reason you’re traveling to Albufeira. So, spend a considerable amount of vacation time playing golf. You’ve three days and there are three must visit golf courses in Albufeira. Begin your journey by refreshing yourself in the hotel room and head out to play a round of golf at the Pine Cliffs, Balaia, or Salgados. These three courses aren’t far away. So, if you plan well, you can cover all three courses in three days.

There are no excuses; you must visit the Pine Cliffs Golf Course. This course has a signature hole situated on top of a cliff. The Salgados is a fairly open course with the gentle breeze flowing across. The unique feature of this course is the various water hazards. The third, Balaia Golf Course is of recent creation. But, it’s the challenging holes, designed to test every skill and technique that attracts scores of golf enthusiasts.

Coastal Landscape

Excellently maintained beaches and sporting facilities make the coastal landscape of Albufeira very popular among tourists. You’ve three days, so try to allot some time to spend on popular beaches such as Gale Beach, Fisherman’s Beach, Evaristo Beach, Falesia Beach, Oura Beach, and Santa Eulalia Beach. You don’t have to sit idle and just sunbathe; partake in various water activities such as banana rides, Jet Skiing, boat rides, para-sailing, etc.

Evening Entertainment

Albufeira is a traditional Portuguese city with many modern places to visit. After golf and beach trip, you would need to refuel the body. A fine way to have a meal with family and friends would be to visit the famous Vila Joya Restaurant. For something less fancy, a good choice would be either Tasquinha do Rossio or Cahana Fresca. Those who are night owls would be pleased to know nightclubs and most of the restaurants, bars, and shops in the city are kept open until 4 in the morning.