Golf Basics: Assuming the Perfect Position off the Tee

Once in a while, it is good to go through the basics of golf. Whichever quick tips you hear, they are just the summary of time-tested techniques. One important thing that needs to be taken care of while playing golf is the position of your body at different points during the swing. Let us see how you can improve your body positions and lower your handicap.

Angle Down and Push Back

Your body should move freely throughout the swing and you need to begin in balance for this. Your body weight should fall in the center of the feet, back to front as well as left to right. You can implement this routine:

  1. Thrust your bums back
  2. Adjust your spine in the direction of the ball
  3. Now bend your knees

The first two steps are meant to set a good body posture and the last step is meant to give you stability. In addition, the right side of your body should be lower than the left side. The golf ball should be aligned with the left portion of your face. The face of the club should be facing the target.

Begin clubhead first

Different parts of your swing should begin moving in this sequence: clubhead, your hands, your arms, then shoulders and at last hips. Your right arm must remain close to the right side only. You do not have to force a takeaway with straight back. When the hands cross the right leg, your body weight should begin transfer to the right side. Your golf club will become parallel to the golf course at the end of swing. At this time, the club must be parallel to the line of target also. The face of the club at this point must be toe up, which makes it square to the arc of swing.

Shift into your right side at halfway back

When your weight transfers to the right side, the folding up of the right elbow and the momentum of your swing will help pivot the golf club at an angle of 90 degrees with your left arm. At this point, the left arm should be a little higher than the right arm. It means that your right arm did not dominate your swing. Club’s shaft starts to move around your body when it is parallel to the line of target in the last frame. The shoulders rotate and the hips are pulled into your swing. You will feel a loading action in the right hip if everything goes right.