Golf Driver Distance Tips: A Great Guide From An Expert

Every golfer wants to hit bombing drives like John Daly, Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy, or Jack Nicklaus in his prime. The longest hitters are always the most exciting players to watch.

This article will give you some tips on how to get some extra mph on your clubhead speed and some extra yards on those tee shots.

  1. Swing fast, not hard.
  2. Swinging hard does not mean hitting the ball longer. As you swing harder, you tense up and tense muscles don't move quickly and produce power. The next time you are watching athletics, take a look at sprinters running with their palms open and keeping their upper body relaxed.

  3. No white-knuckle ride
  4. Try to relax your grip on the driver. Doing this will produce more of a whiplash effect with the wrists as you release the club in the hitting area.

  5. Tee it high and watch it fly
  6. Get behind the ball on the backswing by turning your back on the target. Tee the ball up high and hit up the back of the ball on the upswing. This angle of attack will produce a ball flight that rolls upon landing and reduce backspin.

  7. Brace the legs
  8. Resist with your lower body and turn with your upper body. Holding your lower body firm will produce coil and torque that creates speed in your swing.

  9. Turn baby turn
  10. Increase the range of your shoulder turn on the backswing. Doing this will increase your clubhead arc and give the clubhead more time to gather speed by the time you get to the ball.

    As you swing down, focus on turning your shoulders quicker rather than trying to swing quickly and hit the ball hard.

  11. Invest or divest
  12. Buy a driver that will help you hit the ball longer. You don't have to take too far and buy the divers that were made illegal in 2002 due to the "trampoline effect" of the clubface, but get a loft that allows you to get the ball in the air. All golfers want to emulate the pros and play with a 9 degree driver but remember, their swing speed and clubhead speed is higher than yours. Consider buying a driver with 11 or 13 degrees of loft. Finally, get a light shaft with the right amount of flex to allow you to whip the shaft through the ball.