Everything You Need To Know About Golf Swing Rhythm

Golf swing rhythm has more significance in golf than many beginners realize. It may seem easy enough to just swing the club hard enough to make impact and get the ball moving in the air. Yet, there are more elements to the idea golfers may not think about. Good tempo and rhythm is essential in golf. It means you are doing more than just hitting the ball hard. As a matter of fact it isn’t really about hitting the ball hard, it is about how the swing itself is executed. Here are some points to help improve awareness of golf swing rhythm and what you can do to improve your own.

  • Hold club with good amount of pressure and avoid holding it in your palms. Holding the club too tightly may create tension. For some players they are not able to create a smooth swing motion or be consistent with their swing movement if their grip is too tight.
  • Have proper ball positioning. Ball positioning plays a role in good swing rhythm. If the ball is in the right position it makes it easier for the golfer to make contact and move toward the ball without difficulty.
  • Establish a pre-shot routine to help you focus. This is an option golfers have found helpful. This also helps in preparing for the shot mentally and physically. You have time to think about the result you want and prepare yourself physically in order to achieve that outcome.
  • Stance and posture are important. Stance and posture tend to go hand and hand. Your stance can help you benefit depending on ball position. Good posture helps keep the swing under control, but also prevents unnecessary straining when standing behind the ball.
  • Keep clubface and target in line. Maintaining position of the clubhead along with the target ensures you create a smooth swing motion and follow through. When you don’t keep the clubface and target in line you are more likely to create an imperfect swing.
  • Turn shoulder as you bring back club. Doing this motion should be smooth and straight to help keep the club in line with the target.
  • Lower body should be the start of the downswing. Legs, torso and arms work together. As you swing pay attention to your lower body as movements should be fluid.
  • Keep swing motion smooth and maintain tempo. Swinging too fast or too slow may end in poor result.