Practical Tips For Playing Golf In Windy Weather In Autumn

Once the golf bug has bitten, you will find yourself playing rounds in all kinds of weather. Now of course, it is best to have the sun beating down on your back, while even a bit of rain isn’t too unpleasant to play a round of golf in. The wind, however, is the bane of many golfers, especially those starting out in the sport. If you happen to live in an area with high winds, learning to tame them is a must if you want to shoot low scores.

In this article, we will be looking at tips to help improve your golf in windy conditions. Follow these and you will immediately see the difference in your game.

Don’t aim to hit the ball harder

The most natural thing to want to do when faced with some wind, especially when hitting directly into it, is to try to hit the ball harder. DON’T! Just keep your swing as per normal, because trying to hit the ball harder will lead to swing problems which coupled with the wind, will only result in a nightmare round.

Don’t spin it

Another reason not to hit the ball hard is the fact that you will create too much spin. Spin and wind just don’t go together, unless you are a pro golfer and even they will cut down on the amount of spin they try to add to their shots in windy conditions. Keep your shots as straight as possible.

Focus on striking the ball properly

It goes without saying that striking the ball correctly in golf will go a long way to ensuring a good round. This is especially true in the wind. By focusing on striking the ball as well as possible, you can ensure it will travel into the wind effectively. Although your distance off the tee, for example, won’t be as long as normal, it will be far better than the wind getting hold of a poorly struck shot.

Note the wind direction when setting up your shot

Wind direction can change very quickly out on the course, so take note of it each time you setup a shot. Never just assume you know which way the wind is blowing. Note, when playing into the wind, expect the curve of each hit to be affected far more greatly than before, so if you draw or fade naturally with your shots, they will draw or fade even more. If the wind is behind you, note that it will affect shots with shorter clubs more, as they travel higher in the air, giving the wind more time to influence the ball.

Select the right club

The wind will affect which club you will use in certain situations. Of course, off the tee you are will mostly use a driver, but if you are hitting into the wind on a shorter hole, or in your approach play, you may need to go three clubs higher than normal, depending on how strong it is blowing. The same for if it is blowing from behind. Here you may need to go three clubs less depending on the strength of the wind. This is something you need to feel for yourself, as it will be a unique part of your own personal game. The best way to find out is through practice of course.