Recommendations That Will Help You With Golf Stance

Many popular games involve movement; few compare with golf that although correct movement is an essential part of being able to hit the ball consistently it begins with a stance. There is no reason why every golfer cannot master the correct stance. What happens that will vary from golfer to golfer but there are no excuses when it comes to the very start of every shot.

There are a number of things involved in the stance with balance, posture and alignment all essential ingredients. The importance of alignment cannot be overstated. Feet, knees, hips and shoulders are all involved in alignment and that is a prelude to the hands and arms working correctly in order to strike the ball. Let’s start at the bottom.

  • Feet should be parallel to the target and hence the flight of the ball. They should be approximately the width of the shoulders apart with an equal amount of weight on each foot. Sometimes feet can be slightly flared and that is something that each individual should decide upon, almost always with advice.
  • Knees should be slightly bent so that the front of each knee is slightly behind the toes of the corresponding feet. The knees, pelvis and hips should also aim for that parallel position.
  • Shoulders are parallel to the target and ideally directly above the front of each foot with a straight back and important additional requirement. With the hands gripping the club, the right hand slightly below the left the shoulders are affected of course.
  • The head will be ahead of the feet with the eyes fixed on the ball. They should not leave that position until the ball is struck even though different parts of the body are moving while the head is still.

This may not feel entirely naturally initially. It is all too easy to have open shoulders even though you believe you haven’t. Often if you slice the ball it is because your shoulders are open. It is fairly simple to ask someone to look at you, ideally a teaching professional, to help you with your stance. Imprint the feeling of that stance on your mind; it will feel natural and comfortable after a while. That is the first thing that you must master because it is the starting position for almost every shot you will play during a round of golf.