A Great Tutorial For Learning To Play Golf In A Day

When work is keeping you so busy, it’s hard to find time to relax, leave alone learn a sport. Well, today we’ll show you how to learn golf in a day – yes, in 24 hours. This tutorial is for new golfers; for novices who are just starting to understand the game. We’ve divided the 24 hour period into 3 equal parts – Learning golf shots, golf etiquette, and practice.

Learning golf shots – 8 hours

Seek the assistance of a golf coach and use the initial 8 hours to learn basics of golf technique like hitting off the tee, escaping the bunker, using golf irons and woods on fairways, chipping and pitching, and putting on the green.

To begin with, don’t make your golf kit as heavy as possible with 14 clubs just take a driver, sand wedge, 7-wood, 7-iron, and a putter. These are the only clubs you’ll need initially. Don’t get fixated with the proper attire. Sure the golf club will have a dress code that you need to follow, but if the club isn’t demanding you wear golf shoes. Then feel comfortable to wear what you feel is comfortable.

Etiquette – 8 hours

Golf is a game of many rules, both written and unwritten. If you’re new to golf, then you’ve plenty to learn. For instance, the terminologies used in the game, how to keep score, etc. Pay equal attention to club rules as well. Ask them for a detailed list of rules, dos and don’ts. If they’ve special rules for attire, you need to learn and follow the same. Moreover, the way you behave with fellow players on the golf course is also important.

Practice – 8 hours

You’ve learned the basics of golf – the technique and etiquette. This is just 50% of the work. To improve you need to practice hard and long. Most golf courses have special practice areas like a driving range, chipping and pitching areas, and putting green, etc. Don’t confine your practice to just the driving range; every minute you spend on the course is a lesson on golf to you. Once you get a hang of the basics of the game, gather a few friends and play competitive games on the course.

Furthermore, don’t confine your golf practice to the course. Learn golf techniques, strategies, and happenings around the world from ‘how-to’ books, magazines, golf tutorial videos, and various other mediums. One day or 24-hours is not enough to fully master the game of golf. It’s just a start; you’ve sowed the seeds and with motivation as water and hard work as sunlight, you might very well grow into a professional golfer.