Four Great Things About Vilamoura Millennium Golf Course

Not much needs to be said about the golf courses owned by the Oceanico Golf Development Company and managed by the Troon Golf. The Vilamoura Millennium is not just one of the finest in Algarve, but the whole of Europe. This course might not match the class and popularity of the Oceanico Old and Oceanico Victoria, but it certainly is in the must visit courses list of tourists landing in Algarve. Don’t be quick to choose the Victoria or Old Course over the Millennium. Before making a decision read the four great things about this golf course.

Vilamoura Millennium – A Unique Course

The Oceanico Golf Company wanted to design a unique course that every golfer could enjoy. With that objective in mind, they hired Hawtree and Sons to design a course. After much deliberation and planning, it was decided that 9 holes of the 27-hole Laguna Golf Course would be used to build the new course. A set of new holes were created and combined with 9 holes that previously belonged to Laguna to make the 18-hole Millennium Course. By adding two different sets of holes, the architects have ensured the course is one of a kind.

A Golfer Friendly Course

The creation and re-structuring of new and pre-existing holes were done to make the whole course more golfer-friendly. The layout of the Laguna section was completely changed and new and modern designs were used to refurbish them. More trees were planted and bunkers and greens were rebuilt. Golfers will thoroughly enjoy the course, but don’t take it too lightly. The course will challenge every skill you’ve learned and severely test your patience and planning ability. When you’re at the Vilamoura Millennium you get to experience many courses in one.

A Challenging Course

One section of the course – between third and seventh hole – is largely open. Players are advised to factor in the windy conditions while preparing the strategy. The other parts of the course have more vegetation with narrower fairways. You need to be more accurate with your stroke play in these parts of the course. Players have to negotiate lakes on the fourth, seventeenth, and eighteenth holes.

The Golf Facilities

A fantastic golf course without decent golf facilities is of little use. Luckily, you won’t have anything to complain about at the Vilamoura Millennium Course. They have an excellent golf pro shop, driving range, putting range, and clubhouse. You’ll be making a terrible mistake not visiting this course during your golf vacation to Algarve.