Tried and Tested Warm-Up Tips on Cold Days for Golf Players

Playing golf in cold weather becomes a challenge for the players as well as the organizers on the golf course. But, the fun is unlimited when you have a sporting spirit and right set of friends with you. You just need to keep a few things in mind before you step out of the house for the golf course.

  • Take some herbal tea or hot chocolate with you on the golf course
  • Keeping some herbal tea or hot chocolate in the thermos give you double benefit. One is that it keeps your body warm for a long time. And the other is that you can use the thermos as a hand warmer. If you are not addicted to caffeine, you must stay away from coffee or real tea. Caffeine makes you feel edgy on the golf course. Also, avoid alcohol on the course.

  • Stretch your body at home
  • Before you jump to play golf, you can stretch your body at home. You can ride the exercise bike for a few minutes or take a brisk walk. Stretching your body only on the golf course before the first shot will not help you when the weather is chilling cold.

  • Walk on the course
  • Rather than riding a golf cart, you can walk around the golf course to keep your body warm. While moving between the holes, walking stretches your body, enhances the flow of blood and keeps the body warm. A warm body takes better swing than the stiff body.

  • Wear a ski cap
  • You may not like the look of a ski cap but it is good idea to keep your head warm. Body heat exits the body mostly through your ears and head. Keeping your head warm will enhance your game.

  • Wear cart gloves
  • Cart gloves give a better feeling in hands than the winter gloves. You can keep wearing your regular gloves and take them off when you want to hit the shots. Wearing normal gloves gives a good feeling to the hands on the greens.

  • Keep the golf ball warm
  • It sounds strange but keeping the golf ball warm is equally important like keeping your body warm. Keep an extra ball in your pocket next to the hand warmer when you are walking between the holes. A warm ball travels more distance than a cold ball and flies better in the air. You can also keep the balls inside your house overnight to avoid getting them cold resting in the garage or car.