Building Your Iron Set Step-By-Step: How to Find Affordable Clubs

A fresh set of irons might prove to be a difficult purchase. And indeed it is hard because they are the priciest item in your golf bag. You might not find the irons as appealing as a new driver and you might not even observe their benefits immediately. You might think not to change your set of old irons if you think that the technology is still more or less same.

However, it is a common mistake to buy costly irons which are not good for your swing and game. If you have a right set of irons, it will fit your golf game very smoothly. You must consider a number of factors while buying irons along with your capability of the game.

  1. Type of irons
  2. Consider the kind of irons that are suitable for your golf. You will find three types in the market:

  3. Irons for the players: The players who have highest caliber use these irons.
  4. Irons for game improvement: Mid caliber golfers can use these irons for longer and straighter shots, if they tend to miss the hitting the ball in the middle of clubface.
  5. Irons for super improvement: For players with higher handicap, these irons give more forgiveness while they hit off the center.
  6. Price
  7. You must consider the price you are willing to spend. Say, if you are getting a golf club for $2,000; you can also consider buying a used iron in good condition. The hand-me-down products can be bought for as cheap as a quarter of the retail price.

  8. Shaft reflex
  9. It is the amount of curve in the iron. It ranges from Senior, and Ladies to Regular, Stiff as well as Extra Stiff. There are some manufacturers of irons, who offer distinctive flexes for females. The thumb rule states that the stiffness of the shaft should be chosen according to the swing speed. If you have a slow swing speed, and you try to smack a stiff shaft, you will feel as if you are swinging the telephone pole. On the contrary, swinging quickly with a flexible shaft will make it difficult to control the direction of shots.

  10. Try different irons
  11. You will get the better hang of irons if you try different irons. The look as well as feel of an iron should appeal you. You can try irons with graphite shaft and those with steel shafts

  12. Tailor the irons
  13. If you find a learned club fitter, they can match your golf clubs to the tee. Try to find one and you will be pleased with the results.